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World Champions Brewing Up a Dream

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Established in April 2019, Bevel Craft Brewing continues to stand out as one of Bend, Oregon’s more recent and experimental breweries. Operating as a compact 7-barrel microbrewery, they take great pride in producing a diverse range of hop-forward beer styles, designed to please beer enthusiasts of all kinds.

The dynamic duo who founded Bevel Craft Brewing, Nate and Valarie Doss, are celebrated professional disc golfers of global renown. With an impressive collection of seven professional world championship titles and two junior world championship titles, their influence reaches far beyond the world of sports. Their substantial social media following and international recognition within the disc golf community have united to cultivate a devoted fan base for the brewery.

Drawing from their extensive global travels, Nate and Valarie meticulously gathered insights from successful breweries, establishing the strong foundation for Bevel Craft Brewing. They’ve channeled the same unwavering commitment that propelled them to the pinnacle of disc golf into crafting the quintessential hop-centric microbrewery.

Nate, a master of his craft, has dedicated himself to honing his brewing skills, earning the esteemed title of “Best Brewer” in the Source Magazine’s Best of Central Oregon reader’s poll an impressive four times. In that same poll, Bevel Craft Brewing proudly secured the “Best Local’s Hangout” title for two consecutive years.

The brewery/taproom’s vibrant interior showcases captivating murals crafted by local artisans, embracing the brewing culture and the breathtaking Central Oregon scenery. Adorning the walls are collector discs, paying homage to their previous careers as disc golf athletes. Located within the 9th Street Village, their east side taproom offers an inviting outdoor patio surrounded by four owner-operated food carts. Bevel Craft Brewing offers the perfect fusion of champion-level brewing and the spirit of disc golf for all to enjoy.

What is Bevel?

Bevel Trademark - Story

bev·el /ˈbevəl/ (noun) : a sloping surface or edge.

In the realm of disc golf, the introduction of the “beveled edge” revolutionized the Frisbee® profile, resulting in a golf disc with extended flight capabilities that continues to be a fundamental part of the sport. This groundbreaking adaptation elevated the game, enabling players to achieve greater distances and enhancing the competitiveness of the sport.

At Bevel, we’re inspired by this innovative spirit of the “beveled edge,” and we’re determined to apply the same principle to elevate the craft brewing industry to new heights.

Learn more about disc golf at www.PDGA.com

Mon-Sat 12-9pm

Sundays 12-8pm


911 SE Armour Rd.

Bend, OR 97702

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