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Val & Nate Cheers - Story

The team behind Bevel Craft Brewing, Nate and Valarie (Jenkins) Doss are among the most recognizable professional disc golfers in the world. Combined they have seven professional world championship titles, two junior world championship titles and a broad social media following. The owners’ international notoriety in disc golf brings an established fan base. Through their years of world travel, they have observed and noted every successful brewery idea in planning this business. The drive that made them the most respected and successful competitors in their sport is now aimed to creating the best hop-centric microbrewery, period.

Welcome to Bevel Craft Brewing.

What is Bevel?

Bevel Trademark - Story
bev·el /ˈbevəl/ (noun) : a sloping surface or edge.
In the world of disc golf, the “beveled edge” transformed the profile of a Frisbee® into a farther flying golf disc that we still use to this day. This adjustment elevated the game to allow players to throw farther and made the sport more competitive. 
At Bevel, we plan to take this same innovation as the “beveled edge” and bring the craft brewing game to a whole new level. 
Learn more about disc golf at www.PDGA.com

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911 SE Armour Rd.

Bend, OR 97702

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